I dance a song of silence

I dance a song of silence - Friedel Kloke-Eibl - Meditation des Tanzes
I dance a song of silence

Workshop with Friedel Kloke-Eibl
continuation of the group that started in September 2016

The greatest art in life is meditation. Meditation is a condition of the whole being, a condition of limitless consciousness, a dimension that is love. To live in love is meditation, to live in meditation means to move in silence – To move in silence means to be awakened.
Vimala Thakar

The dancer has to learn the language of silence. This is no brooding silence but a respectful silence. Meditation of The Dance concentrates on that walking into stillness which not only tries to regulate the pulse but also the gradual entry to that state of mind that is collected and stills the thoughts.

14. - 17. September 2017
Converence Centre, Sidholme Hotel
Kursgebühr: € 160,00

Info und Anmeldung:
Valerie Dawes

Ort: GB-Devon