Advent Calendar

I would like to give you a calendar
a calendar for the 1st Advent,
in which, hidden behind little doors,
is something that every human being needs and knows.

Behind the first little door would be understanding,
behind the second door is imagination,
behind the third humor and then comes behind
the fourth a dose of euphoria.

Behind the 5th door you will find hope
behind the sixth a lot of time,
and when you open the seventh door you discover security.

The Stairway to Heaven
The Stairway to Heaven

In the eighth door are fun and joy,
in the ninth there is confidence.
hidden behind the tenth are power and strength.
in the eleventh is happiness, and in the twelfth is light.

Behind the thirteenth door there is faith
on the fourteenth you will find humanity,
on the fifteenth consolation
and on the sixteenth peace,
behind the seventeenth door togetherness.

On the eighteenth you will find good thoughts,
on the nineteenth respect for man and animals,
on the twentieth help. Almost everything is open
there are only four doors left to open.

Behind the twenty-first door comes friendship
and on the twenty-second tolerance
on the twenty-third inner peace
on the twenty-fourth the Christmas tree shines in all its splendor.

There are no presents behind the little door on Christmas Eve,
not wealth and money,
behind this little door there is love
the biggest and most important thing in this world.

I would love to give you this calendar
this calendar for the first advent.
But you have to look for them all by yourself,
these things that every human being needs and knows.

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