To My Celebration

Video „Arise my love“ (A- und B-Part) - Please click on the image to view the video!

Choreography Friedel Kloke-Eibl
to be found on the CD released in July Meditation des Tanzes 16 "Gezeiten des Lebens".

Sometimes she feels:

Life is great

wilder, like streams that foam,
wilder, like storm in the trees.
And she quietly lets go of the hours
and gives her soul to dreams.
Rainer Maria Rilke

As the recent past shows us, life cannot be planned. Often something unexpected and unforeseen things happen: diseases, natural disasters, events that can upset our lives and often lead to an existential crisis of meaning. According to Viktor Frankl, people can in principle make sense of their lives in every situation, because meaning cannot be given, but must be found.
My new CD "Tides of Life" (as a metaphor for 'ups and downs') starts with the dance "Confidence" and ends with "Hallelujah Hosanna", but the songs and dances also include themes like "Compassion" (Mercy), “Victory”, love, peace and Hallelujah, Hosanna.
Dag Hammarskjöld formulated the following: “Dare yes - and you experience meaning. Repeat yes - and everything makes sense. If everything makes sense, how can you live other than a yes. "

To My Celebration

Video "To Our (My) Celebration" - Please click on the image to view the video!
Friedel Kloke-Eibl (Florianopolis 2007)

Rilke wrote the poetry collection "To my Celebration" at the age of 20. In addition to his well-known topics such as "Angel" and "Rose", Rilke describes the silence experience that connects people with creation and with God.

“Every work of art, including dance, arises from meditation. ”
B. Wosien

Rilke, the poet of longing, addresses our most secret wishes. He knows how to give language to the hidden secrets of life, without thinking that one can capture these secrets with words, however deep they may be. (“I am so afraid of people's words....” R.M.R.) Music and dance bring us closer to this secret, which ultimately lies within ourselves. In dance, especially in the meditation of dance Sacred dance, we encounter this innermost structure that challenges us to find our own center by retreating into silence; This experience gives rise to creative impulses and a lightness of life. This experience gives us creative impulses and a lightness of life that is full of gratitude. The silence experience turns pain into joy. There is no separation. Everything is giving and taking at the same time. "

This is longing: living in the chaos
and have no home in time.
And these are wishes: quiet dialogues
of daily hours with eternity.

And that's life. Until from yesterday
the loneliest of all hours rises
which, smiling differently than the other sisters,
is silent toward the Eternal.